Vulcanite has a comprehensive range of engineered rubber products, which are distributed globally and manufactured locally in Australia. We have combined our decades of experience in rubber parts manufacture with the versatility of new design and development tools and technology to create a range of products. Vulcanite’s products provide innovative and effective solutions in virtually all industrial applications. Our electronic products guide can help you to select the product that is right for your application market. If you cannot locate a product we can offer our technical expertise and experience to solve complex problems and offer tailored solutions to your specific needs.



Vulcanite design’s, manufactures and supplies critical primary suspension components including heavy & light passenger vehicles, locomotives and track maintenance vehicles.

Vulcanite Rail components are classified as:

  • Primary Suspension
    • Chevron Springs
    • Conical Springs
    • Rolling Springs (Clouth Springs)
    • Compound Rubber Springs
    • Rubber Journal Springs

  • Secondary Suspension
    • Spherical Bushing
    • Cylindrical Bushings
    • Anti-Roll Bar Components
    • Emergency Springs
    • Spring Pads
    • Buffers & Bump-stops
  • Resilient Components
  • Gangways



Vulcanite engineers and manufactures elastomers which are used to isolate damaging mechanical vibrations in a range of construction equipment.

  • Piling Hammer Elastomers
  • Vibratory Rollers Elastomers
  • Compaction Plate Elastomers


Industrial Products

Vulcanite produces a range of engineered rubber metal bonded parts for industries such as:

  • Mining & Materials Handling
  • Power Generation
  • Marine